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Why hire a voicebot?

Immediate inbound response

Immediately engage in conversation with customers who call the helpline

Instant outbound operation

Supports multiple calls to selected recipient groups at the same time

Scalability and flexibilit

Possibility of multiple use of once prepared system, together with the option of its updating and adaptation to changing needs

Easy to manage

Real-time reporting with insight into current and historical data and KPIs

Minimizing expenses

Reducing operating costs while maintaining high quality service processes

Maximizing efficiency

Generating added value by unleashing the potential of employees unburdened from schematic activities

How does the voicebot work?

Voicebots effectively carry out service processes in both incoming and outgoing traffic. For this purpose, they use the ASR (Automatic Speech Recognition) and STT (Speech To Text) speech recognition system. ASR is used to change continuous speech into text, which is sent to a language processing engine (NLP – Natural Language Processing).

Then, with STT, the engine generates a response that is converted into voice using a synthesizer or by playing voiceover recordings. Voicebot, in addition to conducting a conversation, can also redirect it to a selected group of consultants.

Voicebot can be integrated with existing call center solutions using SIP – Session Initiation Protocol.

Roboty w call center

Voicebot fee

Do not pay excessive fees

We know that every voicebot is an investment, so we have prepared flexible models to facilitate billing that reflects the real use of the system. Our pricing plans are tailored to both large and smaller companies.

No start-up costs in case of ready-made processes or no fees for infrastructure maintenance: with us you will prepare a voicebot tailored to your budget, and for every minute of conversation you will pay up to 50% less than for a consultant’s work.

What processes will the voicebot automate?

Decide which activities you want to improve.

We carry out fast and efficient implementations based on ready-made process modules for activities:

User identification and authorization

Aktywizacja sprzedaży przez voicebot

Activating sales and verifying leads

User support, including tickets and complaints

Calendar management: making, confirming and cancelling appointments and reservations

Windykacja miękka z użyciem voicebota

Conducting the soft debt collection process

Surveying and researching customer satisfaction/feedback

You did not find the process which you want to automate among the suggested solutions?
Contact us and tell us about your goals and we will prepare a customized project for you.

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