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Why hire a chatbot?

Quicker access to information

Availability 24/7 and instant readiness to talk to customers as soon as a query is typed into the dialog box.

Automation of schematic work

Unassisted multiple conversations simultaneously and the possibility to relieve a team of consultants across different communication channels of some of their workload.

Cost reduction

Reducing the costs of implemented processes to a minimum while maintaining repeatable and reliable quality of service.

Flexibility and scalability

Possibility of continuous

development of the system,

depending on the current

needs and taking into account

the priority directions of

activities (e.g., promotions,

new offer)

Personalization of mass communication

Ability to customize conversations by categories such as specific user type, geographic location while maintaining full automation.

Easy and fast implementation

At your disposal: ready-made process modules, industry-specific knowledge bases and graphic interface templates

Chatbot - czym jest?

What is a chatbot?

The chatbot supports text-based communication, but it also supports multimedia, image and video files and makes it easy to navigate to relevant pages via linking. Our chatbots can handle the phrase typed directly into the dialog box, but they also guide users to their destination through designed paths with hints.

Besides answering questions, the chatbots also handle repetitive processes. Such a complex operation works well in customer service as well as in employee service, in small and large organizations, institutions and enterprises.

How can a chatbot help?

Converting anonymous users into hot sales leads

Assisting in presenting and completing offers (B2B, B2C)

Making appointments and reservations and managing the calendar

Surveying and opinion polling

Handling requests and complaints

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