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Optimizing processes, meeting key organizational objectives, and supporting the next phase of digital transformation with Omni-channel and integrated chatbot and voicebot tools.

Sovva S.A.

We are a company created on the basis of the experience gathered under Stanusch Technologies. Many years of our team’s work was focused on looking for innovations in the area of conversational AI, which resulted in the creation of solutions and technologies that today constitute Sovva’s offer.

We are familiar with the business reality, so we have prepared our products to be used in companies of different sizes.

As a business partner, not just a provider of quality technology, we help our customers to:

O firmie Sovva
Dlacego współpracować z Sovva

Why work with us?

By working with us, you get much more than just the implementation of a conversational system.

Who do we work for?

Each successfully completed project helps us to improve our own product portfolio and constantly expand it. Thanks to our wide experience in various industries and working for entities of different scale and size, we are able to provide support and guidance for implementations with the highest possible level of efficiency.